Our Aims

Our overall aim is to become a national “portal” for advice, resources and regional signposting, so that families accessing our sites can find relevant, accurate, and up to date advice and direction.

We will achieve this by:

  • Developing a first class FREE Family Law Advice service accroos the country.
  • Expanding and improving our Panel of Experts. Through this service we have been able to get a much better understanding of the issues parents face. Questions are anonymous. This allows those using our service to be open - giving us valuable insight into the reality of the repercussions of family break-up.
  • Develop working relationships with national organisations who provide particular expertise to families going through separation and divorce.
  • Continuing to expand our library of informative (professional) articles on family law, finance, housing, parenting, etc... We recognise that the internet is replete with half-baked (hippy-dippy) advice within our market place. We stick to professional articles and advice only.
  • Continue to develop the Local Support Pages which will highlight local support initiatives (dads and lads clubs, separated parents groups, etc...)

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