Sign - posting to national and local organisations that work with parents going through separation and divorce.

What we do

Established in 2007, we are a national on-line support and signposting service for parents who are going through or been through separation/divorce.

We are a UK registered not-for-profit Community Interest Company. (Company no. 8293558)

Our core ethic is listen to what parents need and in response provide free, accurate, and easily accessible professional advice to parents whatever their background, ethnic group, sexual orientation or family set-up.

We currently provide:

The Family Law Panel  -  FREE Family Law Advice

The solicitors on this panel are all members of Resolution and they are first class providers of non-confrontational family law solutions and have signed up to a level of service that will guarantee a full and free diagnostic conversation about any situation. The solicitor will also set out options and offer sign-posting to any relevant local support.

A Panel of Experts; a team of national professionals who offer free advice on key issues including: housing, benefits & welfare, drugs & alcohol, and debt.

Local Support Pages - Sign-posting to organisations that provide support and/or information relevant to those going through separation and divorce.

Support group(s) for fathers. Click here for more information.

We are:

  • Not gender specific
  • Not a political or campaigning organisation
  • Here to support parents: To be clear, that means parents with full-time care through to parents with little or no contact with their children. Both mums and dads.

You can read more about our future work and aims here

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