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Making the most of your profile

Experience tells us you won't go far wrong if you follow these 6 very simple guidelines:

1. Complete your profile fully. Half-filled in profiles make it difficult for readers to know if there is the chance of having a connection with you, so do fill it out with all relevant information.  There is every reason for being as honest as possible.

2. Add photographs. Perhaps take some new ones – ask your friends to help chose the best ones. Members with photos added alongside their profiles are likely to get up to 9 times more replies than members without any photo image attached. It goes without saying that posting up to date photographs is recommended! We have added some expert advice here

3. Humour on profiles is a difficult one. Our advice is to steer clear of trying to be too funny on your actual profile page. Without background context, trying to be funny can to some just appear all a bit strange. There will be plenty of opportunities for laughter when you actually meet someone.

4. Be positive! Try and sound upbeat but without sounding desperate. Our advice is to always get a close friend to read through your profile and listen to what they say.

5. Make sure you add the really important things. If your religion or your hobbies are important to you, say so. Be yourself and say who you are.

6. Be patient! You will want to give yourself adequate time to meet that one special person.

For those who still feel scared about starting a new relationship, this article may give food for thought! Read more here...

Available support during a new relationship

We recognise that embarking on a new relationship can be a daunting experience! One or more of these phrases may be familiar?

  • I am willing to take responsibility for my part in relationships
  • I don’t know how to change, I would if I could
  • I’m scared to let go and love deeply
  • I know I put up barriers, it’s for my safety
  • I’m strong, I don’t need any help
  • I’ve got skeletons in the cupboard (and threw away the key)
  • I always choose the wrong partner

Jackie Walker has a first-rate national reputation for helping people in relationship issues and we do want to draw your attention to this new, easy to use, and low-cost  e-mail support programme. You can read more here 

What to wear on a First Date?

To help us answer this eternal question, The fashion expert Jo Payton offers us some top-tips:

For women

For men


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