Safety Tips when meeting someone for the first time

Meeting someone for the first time requires some thought. We offer the following “common sense” guidelines and encourage you to follow them:

1.Meet in a public place. Many choose Coffee shops or restaurants.

2. Don't accept a lift. Arranging your travel to and from the chosen destination will avoid this option ever being considered. On first dates especially, it is just not something to consider.

3. Tell a friend where you're going, what time you are meeting, and what time you are leaving.

4. Keep your mobile on you at all times and keep it switched on.

5. Don’t get drunk. Blunt advice maybe, but eminently sensible!

6. Watch your drinks and belongings. You may have exchanged scores of emails and spoken on the telephone a number of times. But remember, this is your first meeting. Just be careful.

7. Be aware of body language and behaviour. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable, there is no need to make a big fuss, just leave. We encourage you all to trust your instincts.


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