The starting point for all parents who find themselves looking after children on their own has to be getting registered with your local GP and Dentist.

For Dads especially, who may not have been actively involved in their children's health, finding a good GP will prove to be a very worth while exercise.

Many surgerys these days have one or two doctors who specialise in "family and children". Ask other parents who they go to, or have a word with the Practice Manager at your local surgery to find the best GP for you and your family. Finding a sympathetic Doctor will take a lot of pressure off you - and don't be afraid to talk to them if you are unsure about any aspect of your health or your children's health.

The following link allows you to type in your postcode to find your nearest GP, Dentist, or Hospital.

Find a GP in your area

For out of hours advice call 0845 46 47

NHS Direct offers a 24 hour advice service. When you use this service try and impart as much factual information about the condition as you can. The Doctor or Nurse giving advice over the telephone will not know you or your children - so they will need as much information as possible to give good quality advice. Do not be afraid of volunteering information as well as responding to the questions they ask.


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In all emergencies 999 has to be called.

We recommend all single parents have some kind of plan in place for times of emergency. How you  will get to A&E in the middle of the night, or who will look after your children should you end up in hospital without notice, are all good questions to ask.

Providing your children with essential contact details and telephone numbers is also very good advice for all single parents.


A-Z Useful Telephone Numbers