Welcome to our Legal Section

We understand the important role family law plays during divorce or separation and we encourage those families who reach out to us to access legal advice.

Our Family Law Panel has been designed to provide families with sound legal advice, using collaborative processes, with an emphasis on placing the welfare of every child at the centre of each separation, first.The solicitors on this panel are all members of Resolution and they are first class providers of non-confrontational family law solutions and have signed up to a level of service that will guarantee you a full and free diagnostic conversation about your situation. The solicitor will also set out your options and offer you sign-posting to any relevant local support.

We also have a growing list of Barristers who can take direct instruction here. Since 2010 it's been possible to instruct a barrister to advise or represent you without going through a solicitor. Further information on how to appoint a Barrister here.

If you are looking for information on Family Mediation please visit our mediation section here. To find a mediator close to you please visit our Local Support Pages. 

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