Fact sheets on various aspects of Family Law can be found below. Being knowlegable about your own rights and responsibilities has to be good advice for all single parents.

We support these fact sheets with articles of real interest on our blog. Not only are the articles written by experts in their field, but some of the comments that follow add a real human-interest to the topics being discussed. Articlescoverered include:

Statistical decline in divorce but what about unmarried co-habitants?

Why should you get a pre-nuptial agreement?

How to change your solicitor when on Legal Aid

Domestic Abuse - A United Front

How to appoint a Barrister

The Children Act

Family Law - a Young Person's Viewpoint

CAFCASS & Judges - Do they Favour Mums over Dads?

Collaborative Law - What is it?

Listening to Young People During Divorce

Stress & Anxiety - A Result of Divorce/Separation

Mediation - Magic or Mischief?

Representing Yourself in Court

McKenzie Friends

New Mckenzie Friend Service

McKenzie Friend - a real-life experience

Child Support Agency - a Way Forward

Grandparents and Family Law

Having an Affair During Your Divorce

Breaching a Court Order

Prenuptial Agreements


Adoption order
Ancillary relief (finance/property)
Ancillary relief procedure
Financial provision for children
Children's tax credit
Civil Partnerships
Emergency public funding(legal aid)
Grandparents rights
Human rights
Parental responsibility
Public funding(legal aid)
Mediation/public funding
Severance of joint tenancy
Specific issue order
Wills on divorce