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When marriages or partnerships break up and there are children involved relationships between all parties can often become hugely stressful.  If you are lucky, you will have a supportive family and a close network of friends that can support you through what will undoubtedly be tough times, however sometimes you may need more support.  As well as the huge emotional turmoil that you and your children will have to face there are the many practical issues that will need to be addressed. You will have to face many new challenges as seperating parents, not least, caring for your children which will often be hugely demanding as children grow and their demands change.

Family Mediation can also be a very effective way of resolving difficulties. For further information and to find a Family Mediatior local to you click here.

What we have tried to do in these pages is to guide you to sites that we hope will give you some immediate support and guidance in those early days and beyond.

Divorce Support Group

Divorce Support Group is a professionally run service, for men and women coping with the emotional and psychological impact of their divorce and separation.  Working nationwide they provide local groups,  and individual  support. www.divorcesupportgroup.co.uk 0844 800 9098

Don’t forget to visit our Panel of Experts where you can e-mail our Relationship Expert or Divorce Support for more specific advice. And finally please do get in touch with us if you would like us to add any other organisations that you have found useful and you think might help others. please email relationships@onlydads.org

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