Who We Are

Rebecca Giraud, Director

Rebecca joined OnlyMums in 2009 having returned from working on a range of social development projects both in the UK and overseas.  Having worked with vulnerable families for over 15 years, she recognised the need and value of giving parents access to accurate professional on-line support especially victims of domestic abuse.  She also volunteers for the Support Through Court. Rebecca lives on Dartmoor with her family.


Bob Greig, Director

Bob founded OnlyMums & OnlyDads in 2007 having recognised a lack of dependable on-line information and support for families going through divorce and separation.  After graduating from King’s College, London and prior to founding OM/OD, he worked for 16 years as a senior property manager for the Church of England and King Sturge. Bob is often asked to talk to the media on issues around fatherhood and single parenting. He lives just outside Totnes with his two daughters.


Our Advisors

Our advisory group bring valuable skills and expertise to all areas of our work. We are extremely grateful for their time and on-going support.

Dr Angharad Rudkin, Child Clinical Psychologist, Author



Norman Hartnell, Managing Director, The Family Law Co.






Melissa Davies, Chief Executive, MD Communications



    Louisa Dickson, Family Mediator, Southern Family Mediation


Claire Easterman, Director of Operations, Resolution


  Adele Ballantyne, Psychotherapist/Counselling, Eleda Consulting

How We Help Parents

We support parents who are struggling to make the best decisions for their family during separation and divorce.

Information & advice articles

We have a wide range of information and advice articles based on FAQ’s we receive. You can find them HERE.

Our publications

(Almost) Anything But Family Court outlines the people you need to know about to sort things out and avoid family court. More details HERE.

The impact of separation on children – videos

What About Aruna are a series of 4 videos delivered by Child Clinical Psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin helping parents to understand the impact of separation on children. You can find them HERE.

Professional support

Our Family Law Panel has professionals that are registered and regulated by their professional bodies. They have demonstrated a real commitment to their profession and to the parents and families they work with. You can find them HERE.

Team based support – Navigator Service

Our unique “gold top” 2 session, team-based advice service that supports you in making informed decisions around your separation and divorce. £285 includes two sessions. More information and booking HERE.

Telephone One to One Service

Parents caught up in divorce and separation often just need to talk to someone to help them move forward. Our unique service offers a 35 minute telephone call with one of our co-directors, two copies of our latest publication (Almost) Anything But Family Court and follow up guidance notes. More  information and booking HERE.

Working With Professionals

‘What About Henry’

A 6 week training programme (6 learning hours) delivered by Clinical Psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin, in partnership with Resolution, for professionals working with separating parents. More information and booking HERE.

The OnlyMums & Dads Family Law Panel

Finding a good family solicitor or mediator is rarely straightforward. To support parents we created the Family Law Panel, a directory that is free to use, easy to view and use and highlights key areas of support available, including those participating in the Green Phone initiative.

All members are registered and regulated with their respective professional bodies. Before they appear on this panel, they have demonstrated to us a real commitment to their profession and to the parents and families they work with.

What you won’t find is any ‘quick fixes’, or guarantees of instant success.  What you will get is the best possible advice available. You can access HERE.

What We Don’t Do

Discriminate – we help parents regardless of background, ethnic group, sexual orientation or family set-up.

The fathers’ rights thing or favour the mother’s rights over that of the father.

Align with any political party.

Take commission from any of the family law professionals we work with.

Provide full legal services free of charge.

How are we funded?

We do not receive any government grants or core funding but rely on:

Family Law Panel & Green Phone Initiative joining fees.

Book Sales

Foundation Supporters





Our History

OnlyDads was established by Bob in 2008 as a web-based forum for men going through the family court system. The idea was that men could use the forum and support each other. However, men contacting the website weren’t using the forum and instead were largely seeking some legal support on their case.

By the end of the first year, and with more mums contacting OnlyDads than dads, it became clear that something different was needed. The bringing together of a “mums side” to the work was logical and it allowed us to set up an organisation that encouraged mums and dads to work together.

Rebecca became a director of the newly expanded OnlyMums & Dads in 2009 and we began managing two websites under the structure of one organisation. This has now become the key focus of our work; that we are there for both parents.

Media Coverage


OnlyMums & Dads is a registered not-for-profit Community Interest Company (Company no. 8293558)

101 Question Answered About Separating With Children

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