Co-Directors Rebecca Giraud & Bob Greig

What We Do

We support parents who are looking to make the best decisions for their family during separation and divorce. Where appropriate we encourage parents to explore alternative dispute resolution models that encourage them to resolve issues outside court.

We offer a live-chat facility to parents via the websites and an email exchange service via our contact page. Both are free to use. Our principal service to parents is delivered via our national network of legal and mediation experts – The Family Law Panel (see below). This gives parents a chance to discuss their options for moving forward with a professional by e-mail or telephone.

We commission and publish professionally written advice articles to support our client group on key issues around the law, mediation, housing, finance and general parenting.

Where possible we help to raise awareness of the impact of separation on children through partnership working and supporting platforms for national conversations.

Listen: You can hear Bob talking to Kate Daly on the Divorce Podcast about our Social Enterprise and the impact COVID19 has had on the separating parents that contact us. You can listen HERE.


‘101 Questions Answered About Separating With Children’

In January 2019 we published ‘101 Questions Answered About Separating With Children’. The book is born out of the calls and enquiries received every day over the last 10 years. Each question has been answered by some of the leading family mediators and solicitors in the country, many of whom are members of our Family Law Panel. Alongside the legal help is an array of tips and insights on how to handle the psychological impact of separation, what it means for the children involved and where parents can turn for further help. More details here.

“This book is steeped in the reality of putting children first. The contributors’ humanity leaps out, as does their desire to demystify the processes”. The Family Law Gazette 2019

Just published: Separating & Parenting Through The COVID Pandemic: Key Questions Answered

Separating with children is a challenging enough process. Add a global pandemic into the mix and the realities of day-to-day life as a parent trying to prioritise your children’s needs become an intimidating prospect.

The restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic have made an already stressful process even more so and as a result has put families who are trying to do what’s best for their children under enormous pressure.

This e-book covers many of the questions they are being asked on a daily basis. There is information on family courts, how they are functioning and what happens to existing court orders at a time of social distancing and other restrictions. Crucially, there is a chapter on domestic abuse with input from legal experts and the police and information on where to go for support. More details here.

“This is a book that has expertise, compassion and empathy all in one place” Victoria MacDonald, Health & Social Affairs Editor, Channel4 News.

COVID19 Green Phone Initiative

Free Support for Male and Female Victims of Domestic Abuse from Family Law professionals.

We have launched the Green Phone initiative which is supported by legal professionals volunteering their time to have FREE phone calls with any mum or dad who is a victim of domestic abuse and would like some advice. Please look for the green phone symbol. You can find them here. If you are interested in joining the initiative please contact

The OnlyMums & Dads Family Law Survey 2019

When Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Law Division proposed a review of the Child Arrangements Programme (CAP) we decided to take the opportunity to ask the OnlyMums/ OnlyDads community (including parents) what they thought should be the priorities for reform as we receive constant feedback about such matters. The volume of responses exceeded our exceptions and we were struck by the clear concern and sense of importance regarding the need for reform. You can find it HERE.

The OnlyMums & OnlyDads Family Law Panel

The Family Law Panel is a UK-wide network of leading family law mediators and solicitors. These professionals all offer a range of pricing options and expertise. They all follow a code of practice that promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems and support the work of OnlyMums & Dads. The panel consists of specialists in Domestic Abuse, Children and Legal Aid. You can access the panel here. If you are interested in joining the panel please contact:

The Westminster Dialogues

We hold the annual “Westminster Dialogues” which raise issues of concern around family law with solicitors, mediators, politicians and those organisations that can effect change.

Previous Dialogues have covered domestic abuse (#WhataboutHenry), support for single fathers, and alternatives to court. Most recently we explored the benefits of introducing an early triage system into family courts with Sir James Munby, former President of the Family Division.

What We Don’t Do

Discriminate – we help parents regardless of background, ethnic group, sexual orientation or family set-up.

The fathers’ rights thing or favour the mother’s rights over that of the father.

Align with any political party.

Take commission from any of the family law professionals we work with.

Provide full legal services free of charge.

Who We Are

Rebecca Giraud, Director

Rebecca joined OnlyMums in 2009 having returned from working on a range of social development projects with marginalized communities in Southern Africa, the South Pacific and subsequently in the UK. Having worked with vulnerable families for over 15 years, she recognised the need and value of giving parents access to accurate professional on-line support especially victims of domestic abuse. She also volunteers for the Exeter Support Through Court and co-edited ‘101 Questions Answered About Separating With Children’. Rebecca lives on Dartmoor with her family.


Bob Greig, Director

Bob founded OnlyMums & OnlyDads in 2007 having recognised a lack of dependable on-line information and support for families going through divorce and separation.  After graduating from King’s College, London and prior to founding OM/OD, he worked for 16 years as a senior property manager for the Church of England and King Sturge. Bob is often asked to talk to the media on issues around fatherhood and single parenting. He co-edited ‘101 Questions Answered About Separating With Children’. He lives just outside Totnes with his two daughters.


Our Advisors

Our advisory group support us in integrating the work of our family law and mediation professionals with other key parent support organisations. They ensure we deliver a high quality service and one that reflects the demands of the parents and other professionals who use our organisation.

Norman Hartnell (Chairman) – The Family Law Company.
Melanie Carew – Cafcass.
Dalia Ben-Galim – Gingerbread.
Dr Angharad Rudkin – Southampton University.
Claire Easterman –  Resolution.
Mary Shaw – David Gray Solicitors.

Our History

OnlyDads was established by Bob in 2008 as a web-based forum for men going through the family court system. The idea was that men could use the forum and support each other. However, men contacting the website weren’t using the forum and instead were largely seeking some legal support on their case.

By the end of the first year, and with more mums contacting OnlyDads than dads, it became clear that something different was needed. The bringing together of a “mums side” to the work was logical and it allowed us to set up an organisation that encouraged mums and dads to work together.

Rebecca became a director of the newly expanded OnlyMums & OnlyDads in 2009 and we began managing two websites under the structure of one organisation. This has now become the key focus of our work; that we are there for both parents.

OnlyMums & OnlyDads is a registered not-for-profit Community Interest Company (Company no. 8293558)

Three Year Plan

To offer support to an additional 12,000 parents going through divorce/separation by:

  • By providing up-to-date and relevant family law and mediation information online and through the wide distribution of our publications ‘101 Questions Answered About Separating With Children’.  ‘Separation & Parenting Through The Pandemic: Key Questions Answered’.
  • Continue to support parents to explore alternative dispute resolution models that encourage them to resolve issues outside court where possible.
  • Continuing to develop and enhance the level of service offered to parents by our Family Law Panel members.
  • Continuing to expand our live chat and e-mail support facilities.
  • Produce a series of short films looking at mental health impacts for parents going through the court process.
  • Continue to raise awareness of the impact of separation on children through partnership working and supporting platforms for national conversations.

How Are We Funded?

We do not receive any government grants or core funding but rely on:

Donations, Grants, Book Sales, Membership of Family Law Panel, Sponsorship.

You can find out more about how to support our work here.

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