Do you work with parents?

If you are working with parents who are going through separation you may find our services a useful resource for you and your clients.

The Family Law Panel

Our Panel of solicitors, mediators and barristers all sign up to a service level agreement which means parents can contact them by phone/e-mail and receive free information on their options. Setting out what is (and more importantly what isn’t) do-able is empowering and can help them in making better choices for their family.  We work exclusively with Resolution members – their non-conflict Code of Practice fits in entirely with our ethic.

Information & Support Articles

The information contained on our websites is up to date and written by professionals and leaders in their field. The articles are reviewed every 12 months to ensure that the information they contain is up to date.


We are developing a library of relevant research articles (evidence based research) with Dr Angharad Rhudkin of Southampton University. These are displayed and delivered in accessible format each making clear its key ‘take home’ message.

MP’s Surgeries

We support a growing number of MP’s surgeries through our Family Law Panel. If you would like more information please get in contact:

Can we work with you?

We are very happy to receive requests for link exchanges and if you work for an organisation that can add to our growing library of advice and information articles, please get in touch –

Are you a Mediator, Solicitor or Barrister wanting to know more about the Family Law Panel?

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