‘101 Questions About Separating With Children’ 

We hope you will find this book a useful resource to sign-post your clients too. Published in January 2019 it answers many of the questions we get asked most often. The crowd-sourced approach means the book is packed with relevant, trustworthy timesaving information from some of the leading family mediators and solicitors; it also includes input and reflections from therapists and parents.

“This book is steeped in the reality of putting children first. The contributors’ humanity leaps out, as does their desire to demystify the processes” Family Law Gazette

COVID19 Green Phone Initiative –  Free Professional Support for Male and Female Victims Of Domestic Abuse.

We have launched a Green Phone initiative which is supported by legal professionals volunteering their time to have FREE phone calls with any mum or dad who is a victim of domestic abuse and would like some advice. Please look for the green phone symbol. You can find them here. If you are interested in joining the initiative please contact bob@onlydads.org.

The Family Law Panel 

Our Family Law Panel is national network of the leading legal and mediation experts.  Parents can contact any of our members by e-mail or telephone giving them a chance to discuss their options for moving forward with a professional. Where appropriate we encourage parents to explore alternative dispute resolution models that encourage them to resolve issues outside court. We work exclusively with Resolution members. You can find the panel here. If you are a professional looking to become a member of our Family Law Panel you can find further information here.

Information & Support Articles

The information contained on our websites is up to date and written by professionals working with families in breakdown and members of our Family Law Panel. We now have COVID19 section. If you are interested in contributing an article for both our websites please get in touch: bob@onlydads.org


We would encourage you to sign up to our Professionals newsletter. We send out on average four a year and it will keep you up to date with projects we are working on and links to useful resources.  We are often looking for content from professionals for new resources/books, if you would be interested in contributing and supporting our work please sign up here.

Link Exchanges & Resources

We are always looking to grow our useful links and share any resources that you may have found helpful for parents. That includes training, books and useful organisations. Please do let us know if you have something to share: admin@onlymums.org.


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You can find more information about the benefits of joining our Family Law Panel here...

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