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“This is a book that has expertise, compassion and empathy all in one place”.

Victoria Macdonald, Channel 4 News.


We are delighted that the second edition of ‘101 Questions’ is out after many months of commissioning, revising and editing new material. Covid has had a considerable impact on our work with enquiries up by 40% and visitors up to 18,000+ visitors last month. This book is needed now more than ever.

Thanks to Bath Publishing we are able to offer an exclusive deal for all Resolution members who would like to embed copy of the ‘101 Questions’ on their websites. You can see an example copy HERE.

How can the ‘101 Questions’ Help You And Help Parents?

Many firms are now taking up the options of embedding a copy of the ‘101 Questions’ onto their websites to help their clients and potential clients.

We can offer you two options:

  1. Embed a read only copy of the 101 Questions under an image of the book on your website.

This option enables you to keep traffic on your site and is something to offer clients / potential clients and visitors to your site as a free resource.

This will allow unlimited reads of the book.

Cost: £265.

  1. Embed a co-branded copy which includes your firm’s logo, some text and a team photo. Here is an example of branded embedded copy.

This will allow unlimited reads of the book.

Cost: £365

“Separation is difficult for all concerned. 101 Questions Answered About Separating With Children by OnlyMums & Dads is a no-nonsense, jargon free, self-help book that will provide valuable insight during what is a traumatic time”. Everys Family Team

For either of the above please contact: bob@onlydads.org.

101 Questions For Your Family Team

You can purchase copies of the ‘101 Questions’ in e-book format or as a hard copy HERE.

“This book is mandatory reading for all my paralegals and trainees.  It’s such a useful tool”. Melanie Bataillard-Samuel.  Expatriate Law


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