Written by Richy Chandler

Richy is a London-based writer and illustrator with a love of strong characters, mark making and comics. He is the creator of the weekly webcomic Lucy the Octopus, fairy tale manga Rosie and Jacinda, children's bedtime comic Bang! Crash! Whizz! and the Tempo Lush Tales contemporary comics anthologies.


Who is the book for?

Young children (3-7) whose parents are separating, emphasizing love and continuity. It helps children whose parents are separating feel better.


The book gently explains why some parents have to live in different places, and reminds the child how special they are to both parents, reassuring them that both parents will keep looking after them, and love them just as before.


In this straightforward and reassuring resource, British comics creator Chandler addressed children directly, underscoring the consistence of parental love, amid separation or divorce. The artwork features a family of three jelly-been shaped candy-coloured creatures.  The parents are shown arguing and sitting apart from each other on the sofa: ‘They realised that if the staying living in the same place, things would get very unhappy for everyone’. Though separate homes may seem scary or sad, Chandler maintains that both parents will ‘see you lots’ and ‘take you to fun places’, making the book best suited to families where those statements are true. The character’s lack of gender or ethinicity allow them to spend to a broad audience. Publishers Weekly.


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