Written by Steph Durbin-Wood

Parent Coach at Positive Parenting

Steph is a Parent Coach and delivers a programme called Coaching Skills for Parents to parents, grandparents, guardians and anyone else who has responsibility for the raising of children. She works nationally and internationally and is accredited to ACC level by the International Coach Federation.

At all times in a child’s life, they require psychologically healthy & sound upbringing.

The full Coaching Skills for Parents programme is a series of 3 x 6 hr sessions usually run over 6 weeks (alternate weeks) and is specifically designed to stabilise & improve family relationships, and especially those relationships that develop between parents and their children.

Coaching Skills for Parents helps you by acknowledging the challenges and joys of parenting as children grow from infants to adolescents.

Through the programme I run a wholly immersive and experiential coaching skills programme to groups and individuals that have responsibilities for raising families. I take delegates through their own personal experiences both as family members and as parents and guardians, ensuring increased awareness of their family’s & children’s needs.

Coaching Skills for Parents helps you by acknowledging the challenges and joys of parenting as children grow from infants to adolescents. It helps to increase awareness of the needs of children at a psychological and emotional level, and consistently changes people’s perspective of parenting responsibilities. It improves relationships between parents and children and creates a more satisfying and stable environment in which to raise children.

The programme is based upon psychological theory and practice from many well-published experts such as Mia Kellmer Pringle, Stephen Covey, Nancy Kline and others.

Examples of topics covered by Coaching Skills for Parents are:

  • The emotional needs of children and parents – which are (1) Love & Security, (2) New Experiences, (3) Praise & Recognition & (4) Responsibility
  • How children make sense of the world
  • Praise – the magic Ingredient
  • Attention
  • Labels and seeing things with fresh eyes
  • How our own early experiences affect our parenting style
  • Position in the Family
  • The changing face of families and coping with transitions
  • Dealing with feelings
  • The family emotional bank account
  • Family meetings
  • Developing responsibility and critical thinking

A few things I get asked regularly:

  • I don’t coach children, only their parents and guardians
  • Age of child – the programme works for any age child and any age parent, grandparent or guardian
  • On a “Coaching Skills for Parents Group” programme I don’t take couples – only one member per family, in a group of up to 12 other parents.
  • On “Coaching Skills for Parents – Couples” programme I only coach couples, and in the case of separating & divorcing parents I only work with them as a couple on the understanding that my work is about their relationship with their child not each other.
  • The programme is not “Super-Nanny” – we do not give you a rule book, it isn’t about the “right time to put my child to bed” or “what to feed my child”
  • The programme IS about coaching you, transferring techniques to you that you can take back into the family home and use with your children.
  • It IS about helping you to focus on positive relationships with your children.
  • UK Locations – Positive Parenting (my company) run a national series of programmes, all delivered 100% by qualified & experienced coaches that have completed the PGCert Coaching Course & the Coaching Skills for Parents Trainers Course both delivered to coaches by Barefoot Coaching Ltd.



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