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We are often asked if we can recommend any books on a range of topics relating to separation and divorce. We have been asking parents and professionals to let us know of books they have used. Please do let us know if you have a book that helped you –  we hope you find these useful.


Divorcing A Narcissist – The Lure, The Loss And The Law by Dr Supriya McKenna & Karin Walker

Separating or divorcing a narcissist or someone who has narcissistic traits can be a difficult, draining experience. This book is written for the spouse of such a personality, to support them step by step through the legal process, as well as through the difficult emotional journey that they’ll be undertaking. It will help you recognise narcissistic behaviour, prime you on what challenges lie ahead and provide practical insights on how to survive the process


The Rock Pool SOS – by Polly Walker

It shows how a simple set of strategies can help us find ‘win-win’ ways forward that address everyone’s needs. The ideas are clear and easy to understand, and the illustrations help to make them even more memorable.


Breaking Upwards –  How To `Manage The Emotional Impact Of Separation by Charlotte Friedman.

As Charlotte Friedman shows it doesn’t have to be that way. A former family barrister, Friedman decided to move from the courtroom to the therapist’s chair in order to help people manage the emotional fall-out of divorce.


Superpowers For Parents by Dr Stephen Briers.

In Superpowers for Parents you’ll uncover the secrets of great parenting and discover how you can get inside the mind of your child to understand why they behave as they do.


Help Your Children Cope With Divorce by Paula Hall

This guide will provide you with clear advice and guidance on how to minimise the impact of your relationship breakdown on your children. Including:
– An explanation of the age-specific issues that children face when they find out their family is breaking up
– Professional comment, stories and quotes from children
– Checklists and case studies


Untying The Knot by Kate Gunn

When you are going through separation or divorce it can often feel like there is no way through the pain and conflict. No small light twinkling at the end of the tunnel. Will it always feel this bad? How will you heal the hurt of your children? Will this damage them for life? How will you cope with increased costs and reduced money? Where will you live? Will you ever find peace and happiness again?


Truth About Children and Divorce: Dealing with the Emotions So You and Your Children Can Thrive by Robert E Emery.

Robert Emery applies his 25 years experience as a researcher therapist and mediator to offer parents a new road map to divorce. Dr. Emery shows how our powerful emotions and the way we handle them shape how we divorce – and whether our children suffer or thrive in the long run.


Mom’s House, Dad’s House for Kids: Feeling at Home in One Home or Two by Islolina Ricci.

Isolina Ricci’s Mom’s House, Dad’s House has been the gold standard for inspiring and supporting divorcing and remarrying parents for more than twenty-five years.


Custody Chaos, Personal Peace: Sharing Custody with an Ex Who Drives You Crazy by Jeffery P Whittman.

This empowering guide is an inspirational roadmap for the millions of men and women navigating a rocky relationship with a former spouse-while trying to maintain a healthy atmosphere for their child.


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