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The Pensions Crisis! It seems that whenever the word Pensions is mentioned in the press at the moment it’s closely followed by the word crisis. The combination of an aging population and a shrinking workforce means that it will be increasingly difficult for the government to be able to provide for everyone in retirement.

Indeed the Pensions Commission’s Turner report of November 2005 has recommended that the State Retirement age be raised from 65 to 68. This and other recommendations would help the pensions burden, although these measures are only ever likely to put back the crisis a few more years, rather than ultimately solve the problem..

However, many people want to retire sooner than 65, let alone 68, and with an income far greater than that provided by the basic State Pension. It is therefore essential for them to conduct their own Retirement Planning.

Retirement planning needn’t be reliant upon only making pension contributions, but without careful thought, analysis and calculation, along with periodical monitoring, peoples retirement savings can fail to live up to expectations.

Most people , if they do have pensions find that with moving jobs they accumulate a series of plans , we can help review those for you and bring it all up to date, apart from alleviating the administrative nightmare it also helps plan for the future.

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