What About Aruna?

A series of four FREE videos that will help you support your children through separation/divorce.

What about Aruna?

During a separation/divorce, as parents we have to consider the wellbeing of our child(ren). Their world will be turning upside down. What about Aruna? is a series of four FREE videos that will help you support your children through this difficult time.

Each video is delivered by Child Psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin and all the content is evidence based.

1.Child Development

Have you ever wondered what your child is thinking and how they’re seeing the world? Children grow rapidly and need different things from you at different ages and stages. Using up to date evidence we explore what children think and feel between 0 -24 years so that you can give your child the support that works best for their development.

2.The Impact Of Separation And Divorce

What is it about divorce that has such a significant impact on children? We know it can change the way they feel about themselves, the way they interact with others, how they engage with school and their mental health. In this video, we look at the research on this impact more specifically and we identify the two main culprits that create suffering for children and how to tackle these.

3.Communicating With Your Child

Do you often walk away from a conversation with your child wondering what on earth went wrong? Communicating effectively with children is a skill, and a skill that will significantly help you and your child get through divorce. This video covers the important theories and research around talking and listening to children in a way that helps them understand and you feel understood.

4.Looking After Yourself During A Separation

You will know by now that a separation or divorce is one of the most stressful times of your life. Divorcing when you have children adds a further layer of stress as you have to look after them while also keeping your head above water. This video takes you through impactful ideas and strategies for keeping you going so that you and your child can successfully make the transition to new kind of family life.


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About Dr Angharad Rudkin

Dr Angharad Rudkin MA(Oxon), AFBPsS is a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 year’s experience of working with children and their families.

As well as being Consultant Editor on 101 Questions, Angharad has co-written parenting books ‘What’s My Child Thinking?’ and ‘What’s My Teenager Thinking’ with Tanith Carey and books for children ‘Find your Girl Squad’ and her latest publication ‘Survival Kit’with Ruth Fitzgerald  a guide for children on how to cope with divorce.

Angharad is a relationship expert for the Metro, and regularly appears on radio and TV to discuss child mental health and parenting. She has consulted for Government bodies as well as private organisations around child well-being and worked at the University of Southampton where she was a lecturer for 12 years


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