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Just published! 101 Questions Answered about Separating with Children is an invaluable first source of legal know-how to help every separating or divorcing parent. The questions you ask us most frequently have been answered by our panel of mediators, family law experts and support professionals to help you through the stress of separation and save you time and money by being better informed. Buy it now for only £23.99.

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Humans are designed to cope with many onslaughts, but change continues to prove extremely challenging. Especially when that change is unexpected or out of your control. Uncertainty is one of the hardest experiences, and can paralyse you from action. Take small steps, understand that waves of emotions will pass and write things down so that you’re not relying on memory at the very time when it is least effective.

Dr Angharad Rudkin.

Putting children first is a phrase you will hear a lot. It sounds obvious and straight forward. We have found that parents who recognise that they might not always know what is their children’s best interest and are willing to question their own instincts are probably those who end up making the best decisions.

Rebecca & Bob

Being honest with yourself about the relationship whilst you are emotionally upset is, for many, extremely hard. It is important when struggling to except that a relationship is over to get some help. There are many professionals out there who can help you on this journey

Adele Ballantyne, Eleda Consultancy