“When speaking to parents in mediation, I tell them about the devastating impact of litigation. For the vast majority of separating parents, it is better for their children for them to make their own arrangements”  Jo Edwards, partner, mediator and head of family at Forsters LLP.

The years of running this organisation and engaging with parents has taught us that there are countless  benefits to avoiding family courts. To put it bluntly, you can avoid the costs, the time delays, and the stress. Perhaps the less obvious benefits come in the longer term. Less stress on your children, a better opportunity to build a working relationship with your ex, greater flexibility in the child arrangements you decide upon. The articles in this section will cover these points and many more.

101 Question Answered About Separating With Children

Now in its 2nd edition, fully revised and updated with COVID information it will help any parent going through a separation. More information here.........

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