Written by Oliver Standing

Director of Policy & Communications at Adfam

Oliver is responsible for overseeing the funded projects, day-to-day and strategic communications and policy work of the organisation. Over the past eight years he’s worked on projects spanning the workforce development of the treatment sector, domestic abuse, novel psychoactive substances, youth offending and bereavement.


Who are we?

Adfam is the national charity working to improve support for families affected by drug or alcohol use. Adfam’s mission: “Drug and alcohol use can threaten and ultimately destroy family relationships and wellbeing. We empower family members and carers, support frontline workers and influence decision-makers to stop this happening.

Drug and alcohol use can threaten and ultimately destroy family relationships and wellbeing.

What do we do?

Improve life for families affected by drugs and alcohol.

We produce resources and signpost people to support, we empower family members through community projects we support front-line workers, and we influence decision-makers.

When should people get in touch?

If you are affected by a family member or a friend’s drug or alcohol use you will find lots of resources on our website including a map of local family support groups.

How best to get in touch?

Visit our website www.adfam.org.uk. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and sign up to our mailing list to keep up-to-date with our work.




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