Recognising and acknowledging that you, and your children, are a victim of Domestic Abuse (DA), also referred to as Domestic Violence, can take time. Your expectation are so undermined by DA that whole new idea of ‘normal’ develops.  But once you separate, patterns of behaviour that were suffered and tolerated before, are seen in a different light.  Coming out of a relationship where there was DA will impact on the process of separation. The control, threat and suppression that pervaded the relationship that pervaded the relationship may well increase after separation, leading to sky high levels of anxiety and fear.  The articles we are sharing in this section highlight all of the legal structures and emotional support available to you, so that you can feel strong about making the break and starting a new, healthy life.

Dr Anghard Rudkin Child Clinical Psychologist at the University of Southampton.

All the articles written in this section are written by experienced professionals many of them experts in their field.

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