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Our next publication 
We are currently working on a new book around the routes people take when separating / divorcing which will be published later this year. As with our “101 Questions Answered About Separating With Children” we want to include the words and reflections of parents who have first-hand experience.

What are we asking for?
We have 4 questions below; we are not asking for all of them to be answered (unless you want to). You may find one of them is particularly relevant to you. We would also need you to consent to us using them anonymously in our next publication and share them on social media platforms as part of the books promotion. We can’t use all the reflections we get however we will send a free digital copy of the new publication all those who take part.

Questions (responses max 250 words per question)

  • What emotions did you experience when trying to sort things out with your ex-partner?
  • What advice would you offer someone thinking of going to a family court to resolve their conflict?
  • If a friend asked told you they were going to appoint a family law professional / mediator to help them, what advice you offer. What skill set and character should they look for?
  • When it comes to your own separation, what would you have done differently?

Please send responses and confirmation that you are happy for us to use them to: bob@onlydads.org.

Deadline: April 8th.

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