Written by Nav Mirza

Nav is the founder of Dads Unlimited and is a Single Dad. After a fairly tough time with his divorce; and subsequently looking after his son as Primary Carer, he set up Dads Unlimited. He wants to make life easier for Dads in his situation, and provide the advice, support and community he never had. He doesn’t want anyone to have to go through what he had to.


Who are we?

Dads Unlimited is a Registered Charity set up to support Dads who are going through a family breakdown, as well as supporting them have a better, more constructive relationship with their children; indeed we also help Dads (and Grandparents and some Mums) who are suffering due to an unjustified denial of contact with their children. We also support significant numbers of Dads who are emotionally and/or domestically abused.

We have a diverse Operational Leadership Team – headed up by six Trustees who bring a wealth of experience to help us deliver on our objectives, and who govern the Charity.  Our key people are our CEO, Nav Mirza, our Chair of Trustees, Adam Colthorpe, and our Mental Health Counsellor, Becky Stone.

What do you do?

Dads can access one or more of our current services (shown below) free of charge or at a heavily subsidised cost:

One-to-one mentoring programme comprising 24/7 telephone helpline, regular email communication and face-to-face meetings

Monthly Support Group Meetings

Referral to legal and financial advice

Conciliation service

Signposting to additional support services

Mental Health Counselling including cognitive behavioural therapy (subsidised/private)

Family court support / Barrister Representation Service (subsidised)

What happens when a dad first gets in touch?

When a Dad first contacts DU, whether it is at the beginning of their separation, half way or near the end, we work with him to identify the underlying issue/s and motivation/s for change. Using this information, the Dad is helped to compile a personal action plan containing targets and milestones, and DU accompanies them on their journey in reaching their goals, whilst simultaneously managing their expectations.

What the best way to get in touch?

There are three ways in which to get in touch?

f: facebook.com/dadsunltd

t: @dadsunltd




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