Welfare Checklist, SPIP, C100, CAO. These terms serve as a reminder of how the previously emotional based commitment of marriage/partnership is now moving into the realms of law. Just as the language changes to reflect this move, the way you think needs to change too. Dealing with the legal aspects of divorce requires reason, logic and cool-headed thinking. These processes use different parts of the brain, moving from the emotional decision-making of most days (e.g. “I feel furious, I’m going to text them right now”) to rational -decision making (e.g.”I feel furious, but will write down my thoughts on a pice of paper and wait until tomorrow to decide whether to send it or not). When our brains our flooded with stress hormones and fizzing with anxiety, our decision making processes change. This section points you in the direction of support and guidance to help you make clear decisions which have your child’s best interest at heart.

Dr Anghard Rudkin Child Clinical Psychologist at the University of Southampton.

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You may also find the Government website very useful for more information and copies of forms that you may need to complete. You can find that here.

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